NB-5 ( Case )


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Nickel Bag – 5 Gallon
Fabric Color: Black
Inner Thread Color: Blue
Case contains on 250 Bags
$2.71 x 250 = $677.5



Inspired by the Burner Pot, the Nickel Bag provides a commercial solution that air-prunes roots for faster plant growth and higher harvest yields at the most competetive price. Nickel Bags are constructed from a slightly thinner but superior quality UV resistant fabric developed over years of trials. Nickel Bags lack the a skeletal structure and sewn upper rim and unlike our other models, offer handle free versions in sizes 3 gallon and up. Nickel Bags are BPA Free / Heavy Metal Free and made from recycled plastic water bottles. Nickel Bags are made from the exclusive dark gray color as our Burner line for optimal root temperature and growth. They are designed to endure washing and reuse however they’re offered at a price that may make recycling an economical option.


  1. Aerates the root zone and air-prunes roots
  2. Faster plant growth
  3. Higher harvest yields
  4. Made from a superior quality BPA free / heavy metal free fabric
  5. Hand crafted and beautiful design
  6. UV resistant for optimal protection from harsh outdoor conditions
  7. Dark grey fabric absorbs less heat for optimal root zone temperature
  8. Washable and reusable
  9. Cost effective for one time use

Additional information

Dimensions 11.85 × 10.6 cm

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