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SEQUOIA – 3 Gallon Black w/ Handles
Color: Black
Case contains on 100 Bags
$3.95 x 100 = $395



The proprietary rigidity of the Spring Pot Sequoia is achieved by an interwoven rigid upper rim making them the quick and easy alternative for raised bed gardens. Forget the splinters and hours of carpentry. Spring Pot Sequoias stand on their own and are ready to fill in seconds. Sequoias are offered in tan and a unique dark grey UV resistant fabric is ideal for outdoor and greenhouse gardening as it provides the optimal root zone temperature by deflecting heat while resisting algae and moss buildup over time that decreases plant performance in other fabric pots. Dark Grey Sequoias are available in 1 gallon to 25 gallon pot sizes and the smart pot solution for small to medium sized plants. Our larger sized outdoor Sequoia tree pots are available in a durable UV resistant tan fabric designed to last for multiple growing seasons. Sequoia pots sized over 200 gallons come with vertical interwoven fiberglass poles to offer additional sidewall support when needed.


  1. Exclusive rigid upper rim makes for easy filling and watering
  2. Aerates the root zone and air-prunes roots
  3. Faster plant growth
  4. Higher harvest yields
  5. Made from a superior quality BPA free / heavy metal free fabric
  6. UV resistant for optimal protection from harsh outdoor conditions
  7. Dark grey fabric absorbs less heat for optimal root zone temperature
  8. Washable and reusable

Additional information

Dimensions 9.85 × 8.5 cm

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