January 6, 2020

3 Things to Know When You Are Planting Trees In Grow Bags

If you have a green thumb, planting a tree should be the ultimate challenge. But trees are not only a way to channel your hobby. They can also be architectural accents that work as focal points in your garden. They can provide shade to certain areas, separate spaces, or line an entrance, among other clever uses. Although soil or plastic pots are common choices, you might want to consider planting your trees in some fabric grow bags, like the classic spring pots, sequoias, and fabric burners we offer.

Our fabric pots are made from a superior quality fabric, which means they’re a much sturdier and more durable product than poly grow bags or seedling grow bags. Our fabric pots are an effective alternative for those wanting to plant trees, and they come with a range of benefits. Of all the pointers we could have included, the following three are the ones we consider to be the most appropriate for anyone choosing to plant trees in grow bags:

1. Large fabric grow bags boost root health

Taking care of roots takes up a lot of the time when planting trees. Roots are key because plants use them to find and soak up available nutrients and water. They also support the structure of the tree, so making sure they are healthy is crucial.

But, how do you use grow bags to enhance the roots of a tree you are growing? Well, these pots are made from a thick, breathable fabric that, besides being well-aerated and offering superior drainage, provides the exact environment necessary for a process, called air pruning, to kick into gear. When roots grow long enough to reach the bottom or sides of a grow bag, they make contact with air through the breathable fabric, and are burned off.

In plastic pots, roots that reach the edges of the pots begin to circle up, “choke” the tree trunk, and entangle themselves, causing oxygenation and water stagnation issues. However, when you plant trees in grow bags, the roots are pruned by the air, they branch out and grow stronger, taking up more nutrients and water from the soil in the process. Some experts even claim that trees grown in fabric pots live longer.

2. Using grow bags for plants means enhanced portability

Grow bags are highly portable, particularly when they come with sturdy handles, like the ones we have on our classic spring pot range. When planting trees in fabric pots or grow bags, you can move them around to chase the sun, to avoid getting too much heat, or you can even put them in a vehicle. Extreme weather conditions will definitely affect your baby trees, so it’s always nice to be able to rely on a moveable grow bag to protect them.

There are many pros and cons of grow bags, but it is undeniable that our spring pot line has a quality that differentiates it from others on the market: handles. Our handles make the moving of heavy trees that much easier.

10-gallon fabric grow bags are perfect for planting trees of up to 10 feet. They offer a lot of space for the root systems, but are still small enough to make it easy to move them around if you want to rearrange your garden or improve the conditions of your grow. Small fruiting trees can even fit into 5-gallon fabric pots. Just remember that they will yield less fruit than full-grown trees. Our spring pots also come with color-coded stitching, so you can tell the difference between different trees and crops after you’ve planted. Cool, right?

3. Keeping your soil healthy is crucial

If you want to learn how to use grow bags for planting trees, then learning about what makes the soil a truly nutritious and safe environment for plants is key. Also, if you are planting fruit trees, a healthy soil guarantees yummy fruit at the end of the process. The secret to perfect soil is a balance of moisture, dryness, acidity, and the range of organic elements that live in it, such as bacteria, microbes, and other microorganisms.

Potting soil is the way to go, as it includes all the minerals and nutrients that your trees need in order to grow fast, strong, and happy. We suggest filling the whole bag with soil when planting trees to make sure that the roots have enough space to grow, and we also think it’s a good idea to place a layer of gravel at the bottom of the fabric pot, as this will help to boost water drainage.


It’s also a good idea to look into the power of fertilizers and to find out which ones most people like to add to their grows. Use organic fertilizers, just once every one to two weeks. And remember, if the trees lose their colors or stop growing, they might be suffering from nutrient deficiency, so make sure to get a fertilizer that can help counteract that problem. If you don’t know what is making them sick, cut a leaf or a small piece of the tree and take it to a garden shop for some expert advice. Failing that, send us a picture of the sick leaf and we’ll see if we can guide you too.

So, how do you use grow bags when planting trees? Choose the right size, include a layer of gravel at the bottom, and choose a bag with handles. Your back will thank you for it one day. You can be sure of that!

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