March 2, 2020

Spring Pot Fabric Burner Pots vs. Smart Pots: What Makes Us Unique

Why are we so passionate about our spring pots? We developed these products with increased yield in mind, but we also wanted to improve the experience of growing for both commercial and hobby growers across the world. That’s why we crafted a line of air pruning grow bags with your needs in mind: easy watering, less stress, quicker transplant times, and, of course, a healthier end product.

We know, however, that we’re not the only fabric grow pots in the business. So, let’s see what makes us different from smart pots. In this article we’ll compare our most popular fabric pot line for commercial growers, agricultural / food production gardeners, and large scale cannabis farmers: the Fabric Burner Pots.

1. The Crucial Upper Rim

Our Fabric Burner Spring Pots feature a surged stitched upper rim that is key when it comes to pot rigidity and durability. The Fabric Burner’s surged stitched upper rim helps our pots keep their structure when open, whether filled or empty. A more rigid pot is critical for commercial growers who recognize that a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Our Fabric Burner Pots are extremely easy to fill when empty saving valuable time and money on filling. When filled, the rigid upper rim is advantageous for keeping a rigid structure when watering, saving money on labor and preventing nutrients from being wasted.

Smart Pots’ upper rims, however, are not stitched, which leads to a floppier, more difficult pot to fill with dirt or other grow medium. Once filled, the floppy upper rim makes irrigation and hand watering problematic, as it often needs to be manually supported to not lose water. A floppy upper rim can potentially be fatal for a plant that doesn’t receive adequate watering, irrigation, or nutrients due to water flowing off of the dirt surface rather than making it to the plant’s root zone.

Also, the colored stitching on the Spring Pot Fabric Burner’s are not only about making our pots look beautiful – which it does – it also helps you identify and differentiate between sizes and crops just by looking at it. Smart pots don’t offer this handy alternative. Good luck quickly determining the difference between a pile of black 3-gallon and 5-gallon Smart Pots mixed together in a pile. Sorting through a pile of size-specific green-stitched 2-gallon, gold-stitched 3-gallon, and blue-stitched 5-gallon Fabric Burner Pots can be done in a heartbeat.

Have a retail location? Imagine how much time you will save paying employees to keep a well-maintained point of sale display of beautifully colored Fabric Burner Spring Pots versus all black or tan Smart Pots.

As we said before, our goal is to make things easier for all types of growers. Who knew simple, colorful stitching could make such a difference?

2. Protecting your Crop Against Pathogens

Let’s face it: no matter how clean it could be, your grow equipment supply store is the meeting ground for growers and gardeners of all different crops that may be handling products with hands that came from a farm that may have harmful pests, fungi, pesticides, and God knows what else. At Spring Pot, we had a customer switch to our pots after tests came back positive for e coli. Firstly: yuck. Secondly -and most important- what can we do about it?

In contrast to Smart Pot, for our commercial line, the Burners, we provide extra protection from pathogens by vacuum-sealing our retail packs of Fabric Burner Pots into 10 packs. This extra barrier adds additional protection from those not-so-sterile hands handling merchandise at your local garden supply store. With our pots, you’ll have one less finger to point at next time you are wondering where those nasty root aphids or spider mites came from.

3. The Magic of Handles

We’re all about making the experience of growing easier for you, and this, of course, involves convenience. Our 3 to 20-gallon pots all come standard with heavy-duty sewn in handles, which make moving them around safely that much easier.

The handles on a Smart Pot are cut right into the pot itself. Rather than real handles, they are essentially holes cut in the side of an elongated pot. These handles or Smart Pot holes may be susceptible to ripping and failure. We know you put a lot of time, money, and energy into growing your choice of plants. The last thing we want is for our pots to fail or rip, most likely causing a plant casualty or death.

For commercial growers, the trustworthy durable Fabric Burner handles simplify everything: we know how difficult it can be to have to move hundreds or thousands of fabric pots at a time. That’s why we love our handles.

4. BPA and Heavy Metal Free

Something we share in common with Smart Pots is that we are passionate about keeping your crops healthy. If you grow vegetables, consumable flowers or fruits, you want to make sure nothing contaminates them. That is why the fabric of our pots is 100% free of heavy metals and BPA. At Spring Pot our motto is “Love your roots”: keeping them healthy is just the first step.

5. It’s All About the Money

At the end of the day, some people make their buying decisions based on cost. So, let’s break it down. For example, our 5-gallon Fabric Burner Pots cost 54% cheaper than a 5-gallon Smart Pot with handles, and our 3-gallon Fabric Burner Pot with handles cost 58% less than a black Smart Pot with handles. That’s less than half the cost of Smart Pots!

So, why would you pay more for a pot with fewer features? Our pots have been designed with small and large operations in mind, for growers using techniques and equipment that demand the rigidity of a solid pot with the performance of a fabric pot. Interested in trying them out? Contact us for more information.

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