November 13, 2020

Fabric Grow Bags Perfect for Raised Garden Beds 

Building Raised Garden Beds with Sequoia Fabric Grow Bags by Spring Pot is an excellent way to bring performance and portability into your commercial or home-based gardens.

Traditional raised garden beds simply don’t compare to the performance offered by building raised garden beds with Sequoia Fabric Pots by Spring Pot.

Sequoia Fabric Grow Bags are ideal for raised garden beds as they combine the benefits and aeration of fabric pots with a raised bed construction that requires no tools and can be put up in a matter of minutes.


Top 10 Benefits of Raised Garden Beds Made with Fabric Pots

Raised bed gardens built with Spring Pots Sequoia Fabric Grow Bags are one of the best ways to garden. Not only are the savings on water and fertilizers great, but raised garden beds built with fabric pots also create the ideal soil environment for organic and no-till garden systems. 

  1. Reduced Time 
  2. Lower Costs 
  3. Ease of Installation
  4. Portability (pallets, tarps)
  5. Aerated fabric containers promote much  healthier roots through air pruning. This leads to better fruit and vegetables and much higher yields.
  6. Provides configuration options and portability
  7. Durable, cleanable, reusable.
  8. Strong marine-grade stitching built to withstand constant moisture and UV exposure.
  9. Allows proper water drainage, and naturally keeps roots cool.
  10. For commercial and home-based growers alike.

Springpots 3 gallon fabric pots

What are the benefits of using fabric grow pots in raised bed gardens?

Improved Aeration

Aeration of the roots supports  healthy microbial populations and discourages soil-borne pathogens from taking hold of your grow. Superior aeration of the soil also facilitates air pruning in your planter.

Improved Drainage

Fabric grow bags offer better drainage without the need for additional drainage layers. The porous fabric naturally allows water to drain from the soil once it reaches its water limit. Good drainage is key to maintaining the correct level of soil moisture that supports microbial populations. Traditional wood raised beds will usually only drain from the bottom, resulting in soil that is more prone to root rot and degradation of the wooden frame.  

No Risk of Wood Rot

Raised beds made from wood have a major problem – they are made from wood. Wood is a natural substance, which means that it is more prone to mold, rot, and pest infiltration than a cloth stock like those used in Sequoia by Sprint Pot. If the wood is not treated it will decompose and lessen the durability of your planter containers.

Lightweight & Durable

Fabric grow bags are significantly lighter than conventional wooden raised beds, and last much longer! You can anticipate many years of quality growth and accomplishment from your fabric raised garden bag setup.

Easy to Assemble

Raised beds made from fabric like the Sequoia by Spring Pot are easy to build in almost no time at all. This makes setting up a project for kids, and is a fantastic way to get them to assist in and learn about gardening. 

Easy to Move

It can be hard discovering the ideal spot for your raised bed garden. Raised beds made from fabric pots like the Sequoia line give you the choice of convenience so you can find the perfect spot. Is the sun not so great? No worries! Grow bags can be easily moved due to their lightweight and durable designs. For greenhouses or cement surfaces, fabric pots are terrific on pallets – merely place each planter on a pallet (this also improves aeration!) and roll them around with a pallet jack, or build a framework with castor wheels to move your planters around with comfort on any surface.

Lower Costs

Raised beds made from fabric also save the time and money in their installation process. Wooden raised beds have expenses that can add up rapidly and need much more labor to erect.

Available in Multiple Sizes

Fabric raised beds are offered in a range of sizes to fit the requirements of any landscape gardener looking to use raised beds.

Great for Professionals

Raised beds made from fabric are designed for growers by growers., Sequoia by Spring Pot offer unparalleled yields due to their durability, sturdy design, and space saving features. For commercial and professional growers, Sequoia by Spring Pot have been a go-to pot system and continues to be one of the #1 fabric raised bed solutions available

What exactly are fabric grow bags made from?

Sequoia Fabric Grow Bags foster robust, healthy plants with strong roots and are made from geotextiles. These geotextiles are permeable fabrics that are typically made from polypropylene or polyester. Spring Pots are also BPA-free and are made using recycled plastic water bottles.

The fabric used to make grow bags is permeable and allows for a process called air pruning or root pruning to occur. As air moves through the pots, it strengthens the root systems of your plants which allows the roots of the plants access oxygen. Instead of the roots hitting the edge of the pot and curling around as they do with plastic pots, lateral branching occurs. This lateral branching creates a denser root system with more fibrous roots that soak up more water and nutrients to the plant. 

How easy is elevated fabric pot gardening?

Fabric pots make raised bed gardens a breeze for several reasons. One of the most important is the fact that they are portable. You can set up your fabric bags anywhere and move them easily by placing a tarp underneath or placing them on top of pallets.

How do I plant a raised garden using fabric grow bags?

Starting your own raised bed garden with grow bags is easy all you need is just a few things:

  • Organic Soil
  • Starter Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Grow Bag
  • Seeds or Plants
  • A location with enough sunlight

To Start Your Grow Bag Raised Garden:

  1. Fill with enough organic soil to leave just a few inches of headroom for your plants to percolate water down the root systems
  2. Moisten and mix the soil with fertilizer to get it ready for the plants
  3. Plant your plants or sow your seeds
  4. Fertilize your plants every four to six weeks to ensure that they are receiving the nutrients that they need

What are some tips on with fabric grow bags in raised bed gardens?

  • Fabric potting beds are an awesome size to produce a raised garden you want to keep yourself one in place year after year.  It’s the ideal volume for growing peppers, eggplant, celery, onions, parsley, garlic, or a couple of zucchini / squash plants.
  • Of course it could be emptied out and moved or rolled up over the winter.
  • One of the genuinely nice things about utilizing this type of bed is the virtual lack of grass and weeds.  Some will dash up, but nothing can sneak in from the yard.  Also, fertilizer remains inside the edge of the bed and won’t leak away from the crops.  A similar thing will happen when watering.  The black color gives extra warmth to the soil, which will keep plants ecstatic and rising well.

Are fabric pots good for vegetables grown in raised garden beds?

Fabric pots for gardening have been all around since 1980, and they’ve been embraced by lots of horticulturists around the world. They are lightweight, resilient, and eco-friendly year-after-year. Best of all, they encourage huge root development, creating strong plants and exceptional vegetable yields.

Final Thoughts on using Fabric Grow Bags for Raised Garden Beds

If you are looking for a great alternative to wood framed raised garden beds, look no further than fabric grow bags like the Sequoia line from Spring Pot. Your vegetables and plants will love them. Go to to find the size for your project.

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