November 11, 2018

Bring Plants Back to Life with Aerated Plant Pots

Bring Plants Back to Life

The first thing to say is that, more often than not, plants that look dead are still actually full of life. All they need is a change of environment, care, or both, and they’ll bounce back to their former glory. Aerated plant pots are particularly useful when trying to bring a plant back from the dead, and we’ll explain why…

Tangled roots and plants that have outgrown their pots

When growing plants in standard plastic or ceramic pots, roots have nowhere to go. As the plant matures, the roots tend to wind round and round themselves, pushing against the sides and bottom of the pot, effectively putting the plant under a lot of stress. This kind of stress can affect the plant’s ability to grow. It might start looking a bit droopy, or the leaves could turn yellow and start to fall off. But if you garden using aerated fabric pots, like the ones available in the Spring Pot range, then your plants’ roots will be kept in check through the natural air pruning process.

When plants are placed in pots made from breathable fabric, as soon their roots reach the sides and bottom of the pot they come into contact with the air. When this happens, the root is magically pruned (air pruning) and the problem of tangled roots that have grown too long immediately becomes a thing of the past. So, if your plant is looking a little dead, or you’d just like to encourage healthy roots and an increased yield, switch to aerated plant pots.

Plants that have been overwatered

If you’re concerned that you might have overwatered your plant, the first thing to do is to dry out the roots. If exposed to too much water, or soil that’s far too wet, plants can drown. Remove your plant from the pot and give the roots a little time in the air, exposed to the sun. This will help to dry the roots and get the plant ready for repotting in its new home. If you’re unsure of what soil to use read our soil guide here.

By choosing to cultivate your garden in aerated plant pots, you can worry less about the possibility of too much watering. Aerated pots, like the ones found in the Spring Pot range, encourage healthy drainage, allowing any excess water to seep out through the bottom and sides of the fabric. Plants grow faster when housed in a pot that keeps them happy and their roots safe.

Plants that need a change of scenery

If you choose to garden with one of the fabric pots from the Spring Pot range, then shifting even the heaviest of plants from one place to another is made real easy. Spring Pots have handles, made to withstand a great deal of weight, which means that they’re easier to move around than most other designs. Sometimes, the only thing a seemingly dying plant needs is to be placed in another part of the house or garden. If the problem is all about needing a change of environment then, in most cases, you’ll see an improvement after just a couple of days.

Remember, don’t give up on what looks like a dead or dying plant. More often than not, small changes, like the introduction of aerated plant pots, are enough to encourage your plant to thrive once more.

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