October 1, 2016

The Classic Spring Pot: The Next Generation of Fabric Pots

Growing can be a tedious process.  The path to heady results tends to include many hassles. The fabric pot yields higher vegetation and growth efficiency, leading many growers to choose this route. They have a more even drainage of water, and the natural aerated pruning leads to a more efficient root system. The roots start to permeate through the pot wall and branch outward when they reach the air. Compared to plastic pots with air pruning features, they come at a more economical price.

Dan Ager is a Californian who grew up surrounded by the growing culture. He noticed that many growers around him were becoming frustrated with some of the hassles that come along with fabric pots. Because the walls of the pots are not made out of a rigid material, the walls tend to flop over and do not stay upright on their own. This can lead to several issues that cost growers both time and money.

Common issues with fabric pots

Filling the pots is messy – A lot of times the grow medium falls out of the pot while filling it. A second person is generally required to hold it up, especially with larger pots. Wasting medium can be costly; if the process is repeated hundreds of times, that can be a big loss in money and time.

Time Consuming – Propping the bags open with one hand while scooping medium in with the other is tedious and takes a lot of time compared to plastic pots. For bigger pots, a second person is almost a necessity.

Lost medium and spillage while transporting – Moving flimsy fabric pots around makes a big mess, spilling medium around and damaging the plants.

Walls fold in during watering – While watering the plants, the walls tend to fold over and the water, medium, and nutrients all start to flow out. Cleaning up the mess takes time, and the loss in nutrients, water, and medium can be costly.

Cheap material breaks down – Many pots are not reusable, meaning more time and money is spent going to the store to re-up on pots.

Dan decided he could make a pot that was more efficient for growing, better for filling and watering, and more convenient to use than the other leading brands´ pots. After putting in many hours of research, he came up with the SpringPot, a pot with all the solutions to the standard problems that come with fabric pots but maintains all the benefits.

A new pot is born

The SpringPot is an innovative strike into the future of growing with fabric pots. It is convenient for the casual grower as a boutique pot with high durability and re-usability, and it also comes at good price for bigger operations.

The main issue with the pots was that the walls were flimsy. Dan had been working as a contractor, and he noticed that the material used for the pots was the same as the bedding used for landscaping. He started experimenting around with the material and designed a wall that stays upright on its own. The SpringPot was born. His original design had a spring that laced through the fabric to keep it rigid. Now he is onto his third generation where the walls have a special material that keeps them upright without a spring and with less weight. Without flimsy walls, that means:

  • No/less spillage
  • Easier and faster filling times
  • More efficient transportation
  • More manpower to focus on other projects
  • Less wasted water and nutrients
  • Easier overall maintenance on plants
  • A happier grower with a more efficient farm!

Dan also engineered a more proficient fabric that is more durable than other leading brands and has better aeration which can lead to up to 20% more vegetation.

To improve trans-portability even more, he added handles on all of his SpringPots.

SpringPots have a color coded system to identify sizes. That way, a grower will not waste as much time selecting through their pots to find the right size.

Dan started out producing his own pots for himself. Then he realized that he can help provide a better product for a better price than the competitors. He decided to commercialize his product to help out some of the daily growing hassles for other farmers. If you want to check them out for yourself, ask your local grow shop about SpringPots!

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