August 29, 2016

Spring Pots Proudly Supports Art Behind Walls

Art Behind Walls uses art to help children cope with the reality of an incarcerated loved one.
Children throughout America face stigmatization due to a loved one being incarcerated. This may be their mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers or other relatives. Studies have shown that the negative impact of this loss can cause behavioral and other issues which can limit the opportunities that a child has to succeed – in school, in social settings, in life.
Art Behind Walls work to ease this stigma and the resulting negative impacts by connecting children with a positive image of what incarcerated individuals are capable of doing. Through their coloring book(s), populated with art created by prison artists, they show how so many people who have been imprisoned have had hugely positive impacts on others – from Nelson Mandela to Emma Goldman to Martin Luther King, Jr. to Cesar Chavez and so many more heroes from across our history.

For more information visit

At Spring Pots we are proud to announce that a portion of all fabric pot sales will be donated to further the development of the non-profit project Art Behind Walls.

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